What A Fool Believes

Interestingly, I just came across this on logging in to my account after having just returned from the corner convenience store.

The key to my relationship to the word irrelevant (as suggested by the word itself and giving it some sort of relevance or context as I continue) is Wrinkle Remover. Think of it as ‘the punchline’.

I walked into the convenience store to pick up some cat litter. Briefly evaluated the differences in available brands – such as their presentation about effectiveness: clumps hard, Double Duty, Ordor control (both urine and feces), Easy Scooping (implying that it can be diffcult rather than nausea inducing), contains baking soda. And topped by photos of cute little kittens. Also, being a Canadian, it’s all presented in both Official Languages. Except for the kittens, of course. Having made my selection, I head to the cashier’s counter.

Directly ahead of me at the counter is the back of a woman who (assuming from her stooped shoulders and greying, bedraggled hair) who is obviously older than I am. I guessed about her mid-70’s. Never did see her face.

Facing her is a man, healthy looking, short-cropped whitish-blond hair, I guessed early to mid-60’s. He’s engaged in conversation with the woman; and this is why I come in …. he’s asking:

“… what do you need wrinkle remover for? All you need is a dose of Castor oil every morning. Look at me. How old do you think I am?”

The woman responds but I don’t hear what she says.

He continues.

“I take Castor oil every morning. I’m 61 and have no wrinkles.”

He then looks over at me and asks, “You look younger than me. How old are you? 45?”

“63”, I respond.

In an almost unbelieving voice he asks, “Do you take Castor oil as well?”

“No”, I replied. Just one bourbon, one scotch, one beer.

He then left, shaking his head. And while I paid for my merchandise the thought crossed my mind. What a fool believes. It also left me thinking about being baked.

via Daily Prompt: Irrelevant