Baffling Conspiracy Theories About COVID-19. Microchips And 5G

The study of conspiracy theories is ultimately a study of society. The theories highlight what those who believe in them see as the major forces that are negatively impacting their lives Author of the article: Alison Meek, Special to National Post

What then are some of the trending COVID vaccine conspiracy theories? Why do people believe them? And what can we do to help challenge these beliefs, given their impact on public health initiatives?

Claim: After you receive your COVID vaccine, because of the 5G technology or metals contained within it, a magnet will miraculously stick to the site of the injection.

In fact, the dose is too small to be magnetic.

Claim: Those who have received the vaccine should not get too close to the unvaccinated, as they can shed a protein from the vaccine and vaccinate others around them, or change their DNA, give them Alzheimer’s, impact their menstrual cycles or turn on a car’s Bluetooth system.

In actuality, none of these are possible, as the COVID vaccines don’t contain live elements and thus cannot shed.

Claim: Concealed within the COVID vaccine is a Bill Gates-created microchip, which allows the “Deep State” to track you.

If this were true, the vaccines would have to be administered using larger needles (12 versus 25 gauge), and the antennas would be too tiny to function properly. The irony is that these posts are being made from people’s cell phones

Claim: Those who are being vaccinated by today’s doctors are no different than the Jews who the Nazis rounded up in cattle cars.

The Auschwitz Memorial responded by saying that comparing vaccines to the Holocaust to push a personal agenda “is a symptom of intellectual and moral degeneration.”

Claim: COVID vaccines are unnecessary because of your natural immunity.

In fact, recent studies show vaccines “kick natural immunity’s butt,” and protect against variants.

Claim: COVID vaccines are full of chemicals and have no place in a human body.

In reality, chemicals are not the issue, toxicity is. Check out the chemical composition of a banana. Seriously.