Privacy In The Era of Digital Networks

The Expectations of Personal Privacy In An Era of Digital Information Networks

13/06/2019 @ 07:52Am EST

I recently read a couple of articles on two different subjects that can be tied to each other through an underlaying focus: the impact of current digital technologies and their contributions to the erosion of personal privacy.

The first article, Why we can never put the Big Tech monster back in its box [ ] addresses the question from a business/financial perspective: business monopolies and legislative controls.

“In its quest to eliminate the digital gatekeeper monopolies, Congress may face a number of insurmountable problems. One is the speed with which technology transforms. Any new rules by the plodding legislative and judicial process could fail to catch up with an industry that has already moved on.”

“A related problem is the complexity created by digital connectedness. Problems like security and privacy, high on the congressional agenda, are not something that can be solved once and for good. Beyond economics, social and civil discourse have been changed forever: Instant information in your pocket. The ability to share your views with a wide audience. The ability to try to manipulate the political dialogue — for good or for ill.”

“With our urge to watch the same team play, to shop in the most convenient way, to stream the most popular videos, read the hottest news and talk in the forums where all of our friends are talking too, it may be that we’ve all contributed to creating a monster that will be hard even for Congress to kill.”

“The current landscape suggests there are only one or two significant players in important digital spaces, including internet search, social networks, mobile and desktop operating systems, and electronic book sales,” the head of the U.S. Department of Justice’s antitrust division, Makan Delrahim, said in a speech this week, titled Antitrust Enforcement and Digital Gatekeepers.”

Don Pittis
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