About Me – (Narrative?)

Narrative [aka Bio-stuff] – Allegedly, born under the astrological sign of Scorpio. ascendent or descendent,  I know not which. But, when the shoe fits, then one should be comfortable in the wearing.
I have also known a few fellow travellers over the years.So, yes, it can be said that I subscribe to (some of) the astrological notions that I’ve come across. Who doesn’t like a bit of introspection and/or self-analysis?
I’m Scorpio, with some overtones of Sagittarius.
Consequently, considering that life is not simply composed of black or white, as there are numerous shades and hues, as well.
For instance, what is the significance (if any) of the collection of photographs to be found on this site? Damned if I know. Beyond the fact that they simply represent some of my personal experiences, they’re simply photographic images that represent personal moments in time.
Tangentially, a non sequitur, I’ve come to the realisation that, among a few other things, someone walking along the sidewalk (16 floors down) – wearing  flip-flops that can be heard flip-flopping sixteen floors up  – irritates the hell out of me.
An irritation that I place alongside individuals along the same path  as the cell-phone talkers who, apparently, have never been taught to use their ‘inner voice’. They’re like the drip, dripping of a leaky faucet; and just as annoying.
Yet, I like my music LOUD!
Neil Young and Crazyhorse (an all-time favourite musical muse, virtuoso of  harmonic distortion. The Godfather of Grunge (I’m a fan). Van Halen (when David Lee Roth still had his locks and Eddie hadn’t jumped on the A.A bandwagon) is another of my faves – Eruption, Running with the devil, Ice Cream Man.
But I digress, Powered By An Idea; and Driven To Distractions.

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