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Yes. I’m a carnivore. Get over it – I have.

I’m not in the habit of photographing and displaying images of what I eat  (as so many individuals these days do).  If you are what you eat, then so be it.

But I do believe that if you, seriously, would like to understand a culture and its ‘peoples’ and how they came about or evolved to be of a particular ‘culture’ then observing or analyzing their eating habits (in comparison to your own) goes a long way to understanding others: those who are not like yourself. The social sciences (and scientists) have long understood this dictum.

There are, after all, numerous ways to a Man’s heart – other than (just) through the stomach. Ask any medical professional about the ways and means.

But I digress.

Just returned from a vacation in the city of Rome; the comments that follow are not meant to be definitive – just observations. And, yes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.



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