An Immigrant’s Son

I think of myself as being a private person. But people tend to say that I’m secretive. Some say that I’m picky, to which I respond – I’m particular.

It has been pointed out to me that I was born under the astrological sign of Scorpio that was in the ascendent (rather than the descendent) house. I know not which. But when the shoes fit one should be comfortable in the wearing; and, I have known a few fellow travellers over the years.

So, yes – I do subscribe to (some of) the astrological notions: I’m Scorpio, with some over-tones of Sagittarius. Life does not appear to me to be simply a question of black or white as shades and hues along the path are innumerable.

What is the significance (if any) of my collection of photographs – beyond the fact that they simply represent snapshots of [some] of my experiences? Damned if I know. Are they not just mementos?

The memories that they represent are all mine; and, like others, I do like to share photos of places where I’ve been and found of some innate interest. Snaps of things and places that capture my attention at one point or another. I, however, have very little interest in having others (or myself) as the focus of those WOW moments. That’s what the little grey cells are for; and you take them with you everywhere. Useful in those instances when a digital device is not readily available to inform you of the nature of your current state or environment. Analogically speaking, of course.

There are those who will argue that the ability to expand our digital storage devices capacities expotentially replaces a reliance on an organic memory structure, with all of its tendencies to be, well, unreliable and error-prone.

Forget, for the moment, that the human brain – though it has the same basic structure as other mammals – is larger than any other mammalian brain (in relation to body size). It is this distinction of physiology that has placed humans atop the food chain (according to the New High-Priests).