Behind The Words

The Voices In My Head

Wrting is something that evolves quite naturally, like being extremely fluent in any given language or art or skill. If it requires the exertion of more than minimal effort then it begins to border on the edge of being task oriented. It is should be a time spent in quite introspection; the writing merely giving thoughts body and life. Expression.

Facing up to the fact that while we consciously attempt to remain in the background of just about every situation which we find ourselves in on a daily basis (sensing that people around often come for advice on a variety of subjects – time and again) sometimes it scares the hell out of me at the thought that others look to me for stability and sensibility. It matters not what path I take or choice I make – there are invariably others whose life I influence. These are almost daily moments that I live with. All of which make life interesting; and at times downright depressing.

Writing then becomes a way of dealing with what I consider from my world view a constant non-stop information dissemination process. Providing a way of slowing things down long enough to sort and catergorise the numerous bits and pieces. Unable to tell exactly how it is all managed at all.

Like shots in the dark – epihanies. (To understand the irony of it all one must also understand the position of the confirmed and avowed agnostic). One which clearly states that a religious moment of divine revelation is not so far outside the realm possibility. Again and always the chameleon.

Knowing what you’re going to write about or say next makes the art enjoyable. Knowing that ‘this saga’s going to get to some conclusion often serves as a rude compass by which to navigate to completion. Knowing exactly what attracts and pulls in one direction or another, understanding the how and the why, play their roles in the final composition. Pride flows from being resistant to somethings but thankful that it can at least be, finally, said that something always matters and makes a difference. And having never faltered in that respect allows for the communicating the enjoyment to others. Naturally, this essentially amounts to attempting to influence.

Sometimes it can be so easy to choose or seek the easy path. Total and blind acceptance in being led by others sometime come with painful consequences. Ground-breakers can attest that it is often a result of their desire to strike out on their own and take control which eventually yield results. And so, because of and not in spite of this, there are some who cannot and would not change who they are or what they have become. They are become beacons which can be steadfastly looked upon for stability and directions.

So, we live with the highs and lows, the boring and the dull, the insightful and awfully stupid or insipid. The good and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. These are all moments we experience together and separately. But because we each see and interpret them all differently we would not be who we are without one another’s point of view. We exist, in spite of ourselves.

So, be surprise and shocked! Don’t expect your world to be shaken and rocked at every turn that you make! Expect to be doubted and be skeptical in turn. Question. Knock and be knocked out of complacencies. Be aware that while you don’t always know where you are going you can nevertheless be conscious of where you are being led.

We live and die each passing moment of each and every day. There are times when we feel or need to be renewed. Alive. The world exists around you; and you soar to previously unimaginable hieghts. A sensation similar to knowing just when another part of you no longer exist. The Key, however, is knowing When and How.

Learning those are not easy in any shape or form. So you can’t explain everything? You don’t have an answer for every question and every possibility. Thank you disillusionment! At last, an escape from ‘IT’ all. Peace, quiet and solitude. Develop your individual form of relaxation, diversions and moments where you can shed the worn and tattered shell of the public-self. Escape to wherever the mood of the moment takes you.

Seek answers while others seek escape. It’s in the seeking of an identity that the question, Who am I arises. Some want to be lulled and suckled – rather than face the realities. Be seduced by the lure of Knowledge and Self-awareness. They are certified non-fattening and more filling.

There’s never a dull moment. Oh! …. don’t forget to bring along the ray-bans!