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Summary: A Repository/Archive of Public Documents. Fact-Checking, Referencing purposes intended

How do you decide what is Trusted or is, relatively, Unbiased sources of news and information in today’s seemingly chaotic free-for-all, no-holds-barred arenas of the Internet and the digital worlds of the WWW?

When I first began working on this project, the objective was, seemingly, quite simple: Create a way to quickly reference or cross-check topics that I’d been reading and/or writing about at the time. Call it foot-noting, indexing, cross-indexing or simply citing of sources.

Back then, the Internet (or being online) was in its infancy. It has since blossomed and led to the development of the World Wide Web (WWW) and its explosive growth has given up the Digital World(s) of the 21st century. To achieve what I was attempting meant endless online searches and the bookmarking of countless sites/pages. This, eventually became an administrative chore in itself.

The bigger problem for me, as it turns out, is that (before the Internet) as far back as I can recall – I’ve been a consumer of news and information. I’ve clipped and cut and scrap-booked since grade school.

Even now, as I sit here typing, there are numerous books on numerous subjects sitting on the bookshelves behind me (fiction/non-fiction, philosophy, science, social and political sciences, religions, mythologies, etc.). Many of which contain numerous highlighted passages and personal comments in the margins, often referencing subjects or comments about ideas in fields and areas of interest; often referencing authors, books or ideas as they occur to me. I also have lots of scribbled notes laying about that, at some point, I thought I needed to ‘digitalise’. That task has fallen behind, as I’m prone to distractions and work primarily in an online manner.

So, in essence, that’s what this Archive of Documents is and represent to me: a pet project that has been Powered By An Idea while also distracted by current events in the real world.

Events like the U.S Presidential elections and Adminstrations since Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, G.W Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris. All historical narratives now. Reality at the time.

The Viet-Nam war, Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs, the Kennedys’ and Martin Luther King assasinations, The Contras and Sandanistas, Daniel Ortega, The Perons, Manuel Noriega, Invasion of Grenada, Margret Thatcher (The Iron Lady) and the Falkans War. Mikhail Gorbachev, Glasnost and perestroika. The Fall of the Berlin Wall (Frankie Goes To Hollywood – a shout out), The’s also the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The over-throw of Saddam Hussein, the death of Fidel Castro. So many and numerous revolutions and issurections. I can recall when Rhodesia existed, as did Burma. All subject matters that are endless in scope.

Yet, as the most recent events/news to dominate headlines and the world’s attention has been things such as The COVID-19 Pandemic or Insurrection at The U.S Capitol, a heartening realisation is that I’m no longer, merely, archiving, indexing and crossing-indexing decades-old subjects to readily available, trusted and verifiable sources which include MSM sources, non-centralised and Trusted News and Information Sources from a determination can be made as o what constitutes Fake-News. In times past such news frequently fell under the label Propaganda [see Joseph Goebbels] or Pravda News.

For the record, I’d like to suggest that Trump News be equated with Faux News.

Never-the-less, the realisation that the information that I have been archiving was being done in real-time was essentially a recording of history in the making. Not history as being seen from a future perspective but in the ‘here and now’. As it happens.

And, being a fan of Dragonlance Lores, I find myself thinking about one of my favourite characters of the genre, Astinus, Lorekeeper, Head Librarian of the Great Library of Palanthas. I’m just more modest of my place in the sands of time.

In my cross-referencing of documents of Trump and his band of bit-players (in documents that are anywhere between 10 years to just hours or minutes-old, it is clear why MSM organisations need to employ Fact-checkers (now an industry upon itself) to inform readers or viewers of Headlines and Sound-bites that YES Trump has always been a liar and a con-man. All of which can be proven as being True and Factual, rather than being ‘alterntive facts’.

Obviously, to most, if it’s an ‘alternative’ to being true then such a ‘truth’ exists either in the realm of fantasy or falsehood. Lies are by definition, un-truths.

In the final analysis, my interests and consumption of news and information has transformed me into a accidental recorder of history: Today’s News – as it happens.

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You can fool some people, most of the time, some people most of the time. But you can’t fool everyone all of the time.

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Summary: Digital Repository/Archived Public documents, Fact-Checking and reference purposes.
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Database Summary/Purpose: Repository/Archive of Public documents for Fact-Checking purposes. Questions surround ‘who do you deem to be Trustworthy or, relatively, Unbiased sources of news and information in today’s, seemingly, chaotic free-for-all, no-holds-barred arenas of the Internet and the digital sphere of the World Wide Web?

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