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Clubs Put Their Foot Down As Gentlemen Abandon The Sock
Doormen at the more snooty private members’ clubs have long kept a selection of ghastly ties and awful jackets for visitors who show up improperly dressed. It now seems that they will also have to build up a stock of hideous socks to cater for the trend for men to show off their “mankles”.

It used to be said that the dress code of an Englishman was sandals with long socks. Now he wears proper shoes and no socks. The trend is becoming increasingly common among millennial men after being popularised by celebrities such as the singer Pharrell Williams and the actor Jude Law.

It has become so popular that this week the organisers of Royal Ascot told guests that socks must be worn within… 

#MeToo kills off romantic friction [SIC]

Square-jawed and domineering, the boss looms over his beautiful secretary and demands that she submit. Then in walks the head of HR to remind them both about the company’s sexual harassment policies.

Writers of bodice-ripping romantic fiction are updating plots for the #MeToo era as traditional tales of workplace seduction repel some readers.

One of the most familiar tropes of erotic fiction — the alpha male pursuing a reluctant young woman — is now seen as “problematic”. New releases from some of the biggest names in romance feature more empowering and responsible depictions of office affairs, crafted to resonate with the values of post-Weinstein readers. 

Irony – Facebook’s Privacy Problems

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Cheers For The Meat-eating Hero Who Took On ‘privileged’ Vegan Bullies

To set the scene, let’s go with the first paragraph (slightly) edited from a National Post story with the fetching headline “Toronto chef butchers, eats deer leg in front of animal rights protesters outside his restaurant.”

“A Toronto chef … exasperated at an animal rights protest outside his restaurant … carried a leg of raw venison to the front windows facing the sidewalk. As the protesters watched, he took a knife and began separating the meat from the bone.” Deliciously, the story continues with the account of how an hour later, the chef returned to those same front-facing windows, plonked down his plate and tucked into a seared steak with great relish and gusto, on full display to his dismal tormentors.

Let us salute a hero of our times: Michael Hunter, owner-chef of Antler Kitchen and Bar, Toronto. Let me go further: Jordan Peterson, wherever you are on this twirling, politically correct, cringingly apologetic globe, come home soon and eat, defiantly (go for the deer tartar) at Antler!  

Boo-Hoo-Hoo!! I guess it was all a little mis-understanding

British ‘Beatles’ Islamic State Fighters Complain About Losing UK Citizenship
They say the revocation of their British citizenship is ‘illegal’

Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, who are said to have been members of the brutal quartet of IS executioners in Syria and Iraq, also described the execution of hostages as “regrettable”. 

Famous Atheist Now Believes In God
One of World’s Leading Atheists Now Believes in God, More or Less, Based on Scientific Evidence 

Balancing this apparent epiphany by former-atheist Antony Flew is: The Semantic Engineer

Darwin Among The Believers  

Pope Weighs In On Creation Controversy

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