CN Tower - Toronto

CN Tower – Toronto

A while back I came to the realisation that the sound of someone walking along the sidewalk (16 floors down) in flip-flops irritated the hell out of me. So much so that I placed the flip-flopping individual along the same plane that I’d place the cell-phone yakkers who, apparently, were not been taught about using their ‘inner voice‘.

They’re like the drip-dripping of a leaky faucet;  just annoyingly more so.

My wife has informed me that my ‘noise annoyances’ fall under the umbrella of Misophonia. Curiosity got the better of me –  let Google be your Friend!

Much to my surprise – the shit you can locate online if you’re into self-diagnosis – was the fact that there’s actually a psychiatric label for my annoyance (beyond the generic ‘grouchy old man’).

Talk about navel-gazing! Check out these links on the subject of Misophonia. :

Which reminds me of why I love listening to analogue audio records (LPs and 45s) vs CD and DVD (digital media). The digital sound has been cleaned to the point that you can no longer hear the guitarists’ fingers squeaking across the frets as you’d hear while listening to analogue recordings. Don’t get me wrong. I love the crispness of digital recordings but miss the ‘auditory intimacy’ of the session recordings

On the other hand ….

I like my music LOUD! Neil Young and Crazy-horse (My all-time favourite musical muse. Harmonic distortion at its best … Like A Hurricane).

There’s also Van Halen (when David Lee Roth still had his locks and chops; and before Eddie jumped on the A.A bandwagon – 0U812). My Van Halen favourites include Eruption, Running With The Devil, Ice Cream Man, Jamie’s Cryin’.

To me, ‘Best of’ lists are essentially subjective; and so, my List will include David Coverdale and White Snake, Billy Idol and Steve Stevens, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles,  Boston, Led ZepplinScorpions , Great White, Eric Clapton, Clarence Clemons,  Booker T. Jones, King Curtis,  SRVGeorge Thorogood, and on and on ….  

But, I digress – driven to distraction.

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